Neighborhood & History

A Walking Community with History

Our Neighborhood

Carnegie is level (which is unusual for Western Pennsylvania) making it easy to get from one end to the other. The Chartiers Creek divides East from West Main and flows by its shaded sidewalks. Lining the streets are unique shops and merchants offering products from mead to antiques, and just about everything in between. In terms of location, we are only 6 miles from downtown Pittsburgh.

The People

What truly makes Carnegie special is the people. Carnegie has almost every ethnic and religious background which is reflected not only in the worship sites, but in the eclectic array of restaurants, shops and and other businesses. A great example is Carnegie’s beautiful domed Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox church giving our town a distinctive skyline.

Our History

Carnegie was originally two towns, Chartiers and Mansfield, divided by the Chartiers Creek. The townspeople promised Andrew Carnegie that if he donated a library they would merge and name the town after him. Carnegie was incorporated in 1894 and has seen many changes through the years. In the 1940s, Carnegie was a busy town, as can be seen by the miniature town model done by Walter Brosky at the Historical Society. In the 1970s, revitalization efforts meant closing streets and making walking “malls” which created more economic issues. Carnegie has survived a 2004 flood and later, a fire, but it is now experiencing a resurgence of energy in its downtown and surrounding areas.

Unique Entertainment

Carnegie has unique entertainment as well. Live theater, dance (including belly), art and clay galleries, and plenty of music. From live entertainment at local restaurants to musical theater and jazz. Plenty for the outdoors-minded too. You can rent a motorcycle and start your cross-country exploration here, or head to Carnegie Park for our state-of-the-art skate park. The elegant Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall overlooking our historic downtown is an integral part of the local community.

Read more on Carnegie’s Borough website.

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