Come join the party at the Indian Community Center!

We love all things Indian, from Bollywood to...

We love all things Indian, from Bollywood to Indian-inspired home décor to Indian cuisine. But as Pittsburghers, why aren’t we mobbing local Indian celebrations like we throng to Little Italy Days? Indians are our largest immigrant group, totaling about 17,000 people. Yet the recent 17th annual India Day in Oakland attracted just a few hundred (mostly Indians and Indian-Americans) while Little Italy Days attracted thousands, across all nationalities and cultures.
Many local Indians point to India’s sheer diversity as the reason. With over 29 different states and a large variety of languages and cultures, it’s hard to mobilize a community to attend events like these. Others think that a multi-day event will draw bigger crowds. But the population is spread out. Where’s the best place to start? In 2012, Krishna Sharma established the Indian Community Center in the heart of Carnegie to “organize and bring people together” through both Indian and non-Indian events, ranging from the September Jazz Festival to traditional Indian celebrations. She sees a breakthrough coming. “It will happen,” says Sharma. With a rising population and a growing enthusiasm for Indian culture here and throughout Pittsburgh, the stage seems set for a citywide celebration. And you’re invited. See the whole story.

Carnegie is a local walking district located only minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. What makes Carnegie so special is it’s charming, historic main streets and its growing business community. With over 30+ local businesses it’s a great way to find unique items and support your local community. Be sure to stop by the Indian Community Center next time you’re out.

All photos by Jared Wickerham