Carnegie Downtown Property Resource Center

FACADE GRANTS ARE BACK!!! The Carnegie Community Development Corporation is offering matching grants up to $10,000. Please contact for an application. REMEMBER: YOU CAN NOT START RENOVATION UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED!!


Introducing our newly enhanced online Downtown Property Resource Center with resources for you to share with your building and business owners, as well as to help you promote available downtown properties. We recognize the impact of COVID-19 on your downtown buildings and businesses, and are here to help you through this challenging time.

In the Downtown Property Resource Center, you will find:

  • Downtown Property-Related Funding & Support Resource
    A selection of funding and informational resources for you to share with your downtowbuilding and business owners. We will continually be updating this page as information becomes available. Note: Please check eligibility requirements for all resources.

  • Downtown Property Design Ideas Galleries
    New and updated idea and inspiration galleries, featuring design-related ideas for helping businesses address and react to issues brought on by the pandemic, including:
    • Creative Take Out Window Ideas with a variety of sizing and layout options for different types of storefronts.
    • Sidewalk Signage (Sandwich Board) Ideas for businesses to use to promote their carry-out food options, sales, or even Covid-related information.
    • Outdoor Dining Ideas for various types of sidewalks and given different amounts of available space.
    • Parklet Ideas that can assist you in thinking through ways to accommodate distancing issues, as well as creating more space for outdoor dining.

We will continue to share best ideas and strategies for supporting building owners and businesses. We know that information is rapidly changing, so this is just meant to serve as ideas for you – you will need to check eligibility requirements for funding resources, and town guidelines for design improvements. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

The Downtown Properties Program is brought to you by Town Center Associates. The Downtown Properties Program supports communities in tracking and improving their downtown properties to business and investment. For more information about how we support your downtown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 724-728-0500 or

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