BRN Fitness

A mixture of specialized training to fit your busy lifestyle.

Designed for the busy professional, BRN Fitness offers private one-on-one appointments and small group sessions scheduled around clients’ needs. BRN Fitness is a premier fitness training experience in an intimate, engaged setting.

The BRN training philosophy couples cutting-edge equipment with tailored workout regimens. This personalized plan approach not only defines the exercises a client should be doing, but takes into account max potential and fatigue level, constantly adjusting the workout to push for maximum results.

BRN Fitness also provides group classes called Sound. Sound offers a unique environment and ensures the maximum results in an injury free environment. The team of elite trainers at BRN Fitness is experienced, inspiring, and extremely well educated. Each trainer will offer their own unique twist to every workout, so clients will consistently maximize results and never get burned out by the same routine.

Team and athlete training is also offered at BRN Fitness to put in the work off of the field for better results on the field!