6th Annual Carnegie Crawl

Come Join Us!

Come Join Us!

The First Crawl of 2018 is May 11th.

The Carnegie Crawl is an annual, family-friendly event that occurs the second Friday of each month from May to October. Commencing in the evening, the Crawl starts at 5pm and ends at 9pm, but several restaurants stay open late with entertainment. Our first crawl for 2018 is Friday, May 11th.

For the businesses participating, please put your VisitCarnegie.com snail sign in your window. This lets visitors know you are a part of the Crawl!

Meet Carl, the Carnegie Crawl mascot!

You can see him on Carnegie’s Happening Facebook or instagram. The first person to guess where Carl is, gets entered in a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to any participating business! The drawing will be done at the May 11th Crawl.

New to the Crawl This Year

Quantum Spirits | 230 E. Main St – New distillery making vodka and gin. Other alcoholic beverages and soft drinks also served.
Abandoned Pittsburgh | 301 E. Main St – Carnegie’s newest art gallery
Pittsburgh Pottery | 140 E. Main St. – Just moved in!
firebox art studios | 110 E. Main St – Beautiful gallery and studio!
Forget Me Not Art Studio | 101 W. Main St. – Art for adults with disabilities
Higher Voice Studio | 140 E. Main St. – Who will be having Jazz entertainment during the Crawls

Follow Us!

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Past Crawl Memories